Stand on your head

So, a little bit about me: I grew up in New England, and no matter how long I live in what would charitably be described as the armpit of the United States, I am determined to say that I am still from New England.  I like cheese, salty foods and “Garden State”, and I have a strange and dry sense of humor.  I can only eat jelly beans in even numbers, and I enjoy reading fiction.  I like oreos dunked in milk so I can fish them out with a fork.  I also teach tap, write informational articles, I tutor elementary school kids on the side, and I am putting together a classics book club.   I love writing. 

I am also a mother of three and a hippie. My children were all born naturally, and my third was born at home and delivered by a certified professional midwife. I garden, cook and clean as naturally as is possible. I use cloth diapers.

The picture in my header is of a fertility god grown in a crop field and his neighbor’s crop rendition of another kind.