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Halloween Costumes and a Dinosaur Tail

This year was my bad, because we didn’t start considering Halloween costumes until this week. Halloween is only 2 weeks away. I was just going to buy stuff.

Then The Bump informed me that she wanted to be a dinosaur. “No problem,” I thought. “I will find a dinosaur costume and life will be dandy.” There were no dinosaur costumes at Walmart. There was only one at Costco. It was 6 months. The Bump is 4T pushing 5T. That was not going to fly.

So, two weeks before Halloween, I was saddled with a crochet project: a dinosaur hat and tail. The ensemble would be completed by a t-shirt of the same color. And, oh yeah, she didn’t want green, which I already had skeins of. She wanted orange. Back to the store for orange yarn.

I found an adorable pattern for the hat, which I got here: Mango Tree Crafts: Crochet Dinosaur Hat Pattern

I found an entirely different pattern for the tail here: The Artful Child: Dino Hats! but I adapted the tail because I was going to use polyfil as a stuffing and I don’t like using anything larger than a single crochet stitch with polyfil.

This was the result.1019141000 1019141000a 1019141000b


Here is our dinosaur tail pattern

1R Magic circle 6 sc (6)
2R inc scx2 repeat (8)
3R inc scx3 repeat (10)
4R inc scx4 repeat (12)
5R-28R inc scx half the number of the previous row repeat.
29R-41R inc each row by 1
42R-46R sc around (74)
47R dec scx4 repeat x10 dec scx7 (62)
48R dec scx3 repeat x10 dec scx6 (50)
49R dec scx2 repeat x10 dec scx5 (38)
50R dec sc repeat x10 dec scx4 (26) stuff with polyfill
51R dec x13 (13)
52R decx6 sc (7)
sew shut and weave in end.

The spikes are another 3 just like the spikes on the hat pattern.

Waist band
1R 7 ch
2R 4 dc starting in third chain from the hook ch1
3R 4hdc ch1
repeat 3R until the waist band is long enough to go from one hip to the other around the front of the person wearing the dinosaur tail.
Tie off. Sew the hdc end to one side of the fat end of the dinosaur tail. weave in ends.

magic circle 6 sc (6)
sc around (6)
tie off.
Sew button to the opposite side of the fat end of the dinosaur tail. Weave in ends.
Button through the row of double crochet stitches on the waist band.


Making Baby Booties

Yes, I am crocheting baby booties. No, they are not for my baby. Actually, they are not for any baby. Actually, I guess you could say they are for a lot of babies. In this convoluted way, I’m trying to say that I’m making booties for the Gendercide Awareness Project. It will be 11,700 pairs of baby booties meant to symbolize 10,000 women each who are not here because of cultural situations where girl babies are not valued and are often aborted, killed or abandoned because of their gender. So the pair I am crocheting will be for 10,000 babies.

If you also want to contribute to the Gendercide Awareness Project, (they do need 11,699 pairs besides mine) I used this pattern Golden Slippers Baby Booties or they have several other patterns if you would rather knit or sew. You could also use your own pattern. Check out the project and help honor those women, girls and babies who would’ve been here with us.



Crocheting the Bunny

bunnyl bunnyf bunnyr

So I’m learning to crochet, because apparently I don’t have enough on my plate. This wasn’t my first project, but it was the first that had some complexity to it. I found the pattern over at The Kansas Hooker: Lil Bunny Pattern. I found it easy to read and relatively easy to follow. I only had to undo half of it once when I discovered that I, in fact, can’t count. From a tip perspective: use stitch counters. I used safety pins. Apparently, unbending paper clips are good too.

I had never made a yarn pompom before either. I used this handy instructable here:Instructables: Create Yarn Pom Poms Using a Fork.