Making Baby Booties

Yes, I am crocheting baby booties. No, they are not for my baby. Actually, they are not for any baby. Actually, I guess you could say they are for a lot of babies. In this convoluted way, I’m trying to say that I’m making booties for the Gendercide Awareness Project. It will be 11,700 pairs of baby booties meant to symbolize 10,000 women each who are not here because of cultural situations where girl babies are not valued and are often aborted, killed or abandoned because of their gender. So the pair I am crocheting will be for 10,000 babies.

If you also want to contribute to the Gendercide Awareness Project, (they do need 11,699 pairs besides mine) I used this pattern Golden Slippers Baby Booties or they have several other patterns if you would rather knit or sew. You could also use your own pattern. Check out the project and help honor those women, girls and babies who would’ve been here with us.



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