Soap Diddly-oap-oap

I made soap last night, but I did a few things differently this time from the last time. One: I figured out the volume of the lye I was using from the weight so I wouldn’t ever have to locate the scale that measures in such teeny tiny increments ever again ever. The volume will vary depending on the type of lye purchased and where (I’m not sure why, so please don’t bother asking) which is why soap recipes are ALWAYS done in weight, but at least I know for this bag of lye what the volumes should be. Makes much of life easier.

1/2 cup of lye
1 cup cold water
2 1/2 cups olive oil
5 fluid oz coconut oil

I mixed the water with the lye in a Pyrex measuring cup and set it outside with a candy thermometer to cool. I then mixed my olive oil and coconut oil on the stove and warmed it to bath water temperature.

Once the lye mixture and the oil were 110 degrees, I poured the lye mixture into the oil and used my hand mixer to blend them until the mixture traced.

The last time I made soap, I let it set up, harden and cure in a pot and ultimately, it was difficult to get out and made a huge mess. I still used the soap, but I decided to try something different this time: silicone molds. I have some silicone cake molds and muffin pans, so I put a few drops of essential oils in each mold and filled the mold with the soap. Then I let it set up and harden and popped them out of the molds after 2 days.


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