Thieves Oil and the Cold of Tomorrow

We’ve been doing battle with a horrendous cold this week and the only thing providing any relief for the baby has been rosemary oil, so we’ve been using that like there is no tomorrow so she can breathe well enough to sleep and now wake up with a croupy cough. In the spirit of this, I opted to look up recipes for thieves oil, and I found several. They all have the same oils in common though: Clove, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, lemon and rosemary. Since I didn’t have cinnamon bark, I’ve been adding some lavender instead and using equal parts of each. I’ve been diffusing it in the air and I added some to coconut oil to smooth on the baby’s chest. My house smells really spicy, but the baby seems much more comfortable while she tries to get rid of this cold.


One response to “Thieves Oil and the Cold of Tomorrow

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    In the 15th century, when Europe was being decimated by the bubonic plague, a group of thieves and grave robbers developed a similar recipe for thieves oil to help keep themselves from catching it while they looted dying and dead. The group traded their secret for their lives when they were caught by authorities.

    Clove, cinnamon bark and lemon all have antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, eucalyptus helps clear sinuses and rosemary dries mucus. The thieves oil story may be legend, but the results are hard to ignore. You can diffuse thieves oil in the air, mix a few drops with water to make a cleaning solution or you can apply it topically to the chest, spine and the bottoms of the feet.

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