Babywearing Adventures: The Hug Carry or a Cross Wrap Front Hold

This is the first carry I learned to tie with my wrap. It’s handy when I’m going to be standing and sitting a bunch, but I don’t have to bend over much. Every time I bend over with a hug carry, I have to be careful of Auburne’s head. This works great for places like church and parties though, where I don’t want to share my baby.

The Hug Carry is essentially a front carry where you make a little pocket seat with your wrap and tuck your baby into it.image

There are lots of variations on this particular carry. You can have the pocket across your stomach on the inside like a pouch with the crosses outside to help keep it snug with a newborn, or you can pull it up over the crosses and use them as leg support with an older baby. You can tuck your newborn’s or older baby’s head up by your shoulder under one of the crosses (I just use whichever one she’s leaning toward at the time) or you can lay your newborn across your belly like a cradle. image

All of these variations involve tying it the same way though. has some great directions with pictures for tying this carry with an older baby or a toddler. They also have some great instructions for tying it with a newborn. The stretchy wraps have you tie it first before you put the baby in. That works less well with wraps without any give. If you have a woven or a mesh wrap or just a cotton knit, everyone will be more comfortable if you tie it with your baby in it. Seems scary at first, but do it over a bed the first few times and remember never to let go of your baby and you will get the hang of it.

The thing I love best about this carry is that because it puts your baby right there, it really encourages hugging your little one.


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