Babywearing Adventures: Tie Your Own Sling

I mentioned in my post yesterday about the rucksack carry about how with my third baby I used a sling I had tied myself. I thought I’d probably talk a little about it here. The sarong was actually a lava-lava a Samoan friend from New Zealand had given me. I always loved her lava-lavas and I had a thing for cows when I was a kid, so she found this great fabric to make me one. They’re very comfortable for lounging around. Just wrap and tie. They look like these:

I don’t know these guys. I just found this image online and thought it was a good example of how to wear a lava-lava.

The thing was, I’m more comfortable in just shorts or pajama pants for lounging around. At the time, I didn’t realize this, so the lava-lava just sat in a drawer and rarely got used for its intended purpose. I had bought a couple sarongs from a Hawaiian store that made great skirts, and wore those all the time as skirts, but my fun cow print one almost never got used. And then Bri was born.

I wanted to babywear her, but I didn’t want to invest a bunch of money into it because I was worried it might not work for us and then that would be a huge waste. I had read that you could tie slings out of bed sheets though, and inspiration struck when I finally discovered a regular use for that great lava-lava. image


I untie it when it needs to be washed, and the rest of the time, I leave it tied and just heave it over my neck and one shoulder. As you can see, the baby just lies right in it while sleeping. She sits in it with her head above the top when she’s awake, and I just slide that front edge behind her head to support it. I did this with Bri too, although, she’s much to big to sit in the sling like the baby now. I have also used it to hold her on my back in a piggy back hold once she had gotten too big to use it like an infant. I prefer the rucksack carry for that though. The sling places too much pressure on the one shoulder, while the rucksack spreads it between both.

2 responses to “Babywearing Adventures: Tie Your Own Sling

  1. Sometime i use a similar dress here in indonesia.
    The Sarong.
    It’s comfortable 😉

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