Babywearing Adventures: The Rucksack Carry

I loathe the idea of allowing an infant (or for that matter a toddler) cry while I’m trying to get stuff done. Then I’m trying to hurry so I can tend the baby and invariably, it actually takes longer because hurrying means it doesn’t get done right. The solution I have discovered is babywearing. I’ve done this since kid #1 to get some peace and quiet, but I didn’t realize all of the options I had for it. I used a baby carrier for kids 1 and 2 and it was some brand that wasn’t very comfortable for either of them and I don’t even remember it now because I gave it away in the hopes that someone else’s kids would like it. For kid #3, I went with a sling. I tied one myself out of a sarong and carried her around in that. It was pretty awkward for anything I wanted to do that required me to reach in front of myself and really was basically exactly like being pregnant for several months longer than I actually was. Plus side of the sling: made nursing easy and fairly discrete. Minus side: if I had to bend down, I still had to hold a head and frequently a body too to make sure it didn’t bonk anything. Not ideal for tasks like laundry, dishes or cooking. For kid #4, I’m trying my hand at the wrap. I have two: a mesh one and one made from a standard woven cotton blend. It is not stretchy, which has it’s up and downsides. My experiment for the day is the rucksack carry. image

Because the rucksack is like carrying one’s kid in a backpack type situation, it’s a pretty good option for doing chores that require bending over or being next to something hot. Auburne is currently asleep in it. image
My son’s preschool teacher had a newborn baby that she carried throughout his infant stage in a rucksack carry. It was great that the preschool let her (actually encouraged her) to bring him to work with her and wear him. This video on Becoming Mamas was where I learned to tie it. So far, my back isn’t used to carrying this much weight this way. It’s been awhile since I toted a backpack around, so that may be why. I can tell I will be a little sore until I get used to this.

3 responses to “Babywearing Adventures: The Rucksack Carry

  1. adorable! I have a Babyhawk for Lyrik. Last summer I was even able to use it to carry my 5 year old! I’d like to try an ergo, since Lyrik is getting bigger and heavier. I still use the Babyhawk to carry him, and I’m 6 months pregnant. For this baby I’m oogling over a Gira wrap….

  2. My wrap is 5 yards of cotton fabric from the discount table at the fabric store. J hemmed the ends so it wouldn’t fray. It only cost about $12. The idea came from here: and I tweaked it because the jersey knits were all really expensive. Turned out to be a good thing because you don’t want to use stretchy fabric for a rucksack.

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