Sour to the Dough

I came upon a blog describing an easy way of making a sourdough starter just by trapping and cultivating wild yeast. The blog described the way the starter would look and smell when it was ready, but I thought there might be some value in documenting it.

Day one

Day two


Day three

On day four, I made the sourdough bread. I could have made it on day 3. I wasn’t sure quite what to expect, so I let it go a day longer. I was initially worried that I may have killed it, but a quick internet search put my fears to rest. Apparently, sourdough starters are really hardy. The bread didn’t rise like I would have hoped, but I now know feeding the starter 12 or so hours in advance should make it rise more. Since on day 2, it rose out of the jar, that makes sense.

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