Mommy Daughter Day

Ginnie has been having some difficulties with a friend being bossy and bullying her into breaking the rules. This has been bothering me for some time, but I didn’t know what to say or how to address it, so I sat watching it for awhile because I also didn’t want to make it worse. On Wednesday I decided to spend the day with her to see if any inspiration struck. We made bacon buddies (cream cheese sandwiches wrapped in bacon and broiled,) and bread pudding, we gardened, we did laundry, we put the bike trailer on and we rode bikes (Bri participated in that activity too) and we played Feed the Kitty and Slamwich. The day was packed full and it was all activities we could do together. We talked about her friend and about bullies. We talked about how to respond. We also talked about the rules she had broken and how the rules are there to protect her and keep her safe. While we were dropping Aiden off at his martial arts class, she asked me if we could have a mommy daughter day every week. I hope this was the inspiration I’ve been seeking.

One response to “Mommy Daughter Day

  1. I want a bacon buddy. NOW! (that might be bossy… sorry – I’m going to make it myself once I buy the cream cheese)

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