Apple Skins and Cleaning House

Sometimes the meat of the apple is the best we can do.

Bri refuses to eat the skin of apples. She leaves bits of apple skin around if the apple hasn’t been cut before she started eating it. This used to drive me batty. I’m choosing to look at it in a new way though: At least she’s eating the meat. For the past few months, I’ve been buying apples that are pre-cut because then they don’t sit in the fridge for months without getting used or eaten. The kids will snack on these. They are more expensive. In fact, they are much more expensive. But they don’t go bad, so I see it as a win. Though I have done some physical cleaning today, my house cleaning is more mental and emotional today. I cleaned a silverware holder that still had crumbs in it from the crack in the counter from the cabin in Tennessee. I have some mental and emotional crumbs I need to clear out as well. So today, I take stock of my life and my attributes: What could I do better? What am I doing well? I could stand to be a little kinder, a little quieter, a little more flexible, a little more loving and a little less abrasive to the people around me. I haven’t yet mastered eating all the skins either, but I’m at least aiming for the meat.

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