Homemade Dish Detergent Part 2

I discovered something not long ago regarding homemade dish detergent and so I share it here for all of you:

A friend mentioned that a quick, easy and cheap way to clean your dishwasher was to run it without dishes with a packet of dyeless Kool-Aid® in it. One of the main ingredients in Kool-Aid® is citric acid, which you can also find as a separate product with the canning products at your local grocery story. 

The Kool-Aid® helped me clean out some nasty buildup in my dishwasher, which led me to wonder if it would be a useful ingredient in homemade dish detergent. Since my detergent was leaving a filmy buildup on my dishes and vinegar wasn’t rinsing them completely clean. Thus, I have started adding the same amount by volume of citric acid to my homemade dish detergent as borax, baking soda and salt. It’s making a HUGE difference in my results.

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