In Case You Hadn’t Noticed…

I’m a fan of natural living whenever possible and that extends to natural birth. While I fully support any mom’s informed (and sometimes not-so-informed) decisions in this area, I feel like there is too much emphasis placed on medicine’s role in pregnancy and birth, and not enough on instinct and most women’s basic innate abilities. One of my dear friends runs the Hypnobirthing Utah website, as well as teaching hypnobirthing and being a hypnodoula. Whether you are looking for information on classes in Utah or not, this blog is a fantastic resource for a number of practices that get brought up along with natural birth.

My favorite posts though, include this video taken from Chimpanzee Giving Birth: Human Moms Should Take Notes

and Can an 80 Pound Woman Give Birth to an 8 Pound Baby?

There are tons of excellent and informative posts here that will get you thinking.

One response to “In Case You Hadn’t Noticed…

  1. nice video..its great to see this

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