Wonder Whatever Recipes: Bread Pudding

I went looking for recipes to use in the Wonder Whatever and being the bizarre individual that I am, I found some, but decided to try a slow cooker recipe first, rather than one of the tried-and-true proven recipes that others have used.

First I found a Corningware pot that would fit inside my dutch oven. I put about a half-inch of water on the bottom of my dutch oven and fit the 2 1/2 quart Corningware inside. I then used the Panettone Bread Pudding recipe from The Italian Slow Cooker by Michele Scicolone as a base for the bread pudding: 3 eggs, 3/4 cup sugar beaten together. Beat in 2 cups milk, 1 cup heavy cream and there the similarities ended. I added some cinnamon and nutmeg and cubed six slices of my Amish Sweet Bread and I beat the whole thing together in my Kitchenaid mixer. I poured the conglomeration into the Corningware pot, put the lid on the Corningware and the dutch oven and I brought it to a boil for 15 minutes on the stove. I then used my oven mitts to move the whole apparatus to the bottom of the Wonder Whatever and I set the top over it. I let it sit in that configuration for about 5 hours. The one thing I would do differently in the future is use slightly less milk. Because there is no place for the liquid to evaporate, the pudding cooked completely and gelled, but it never got to the point that you could cut it into pieces.


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