Homemade Oily Essences…

I have spent a little time learning more about the benefits of herbs. I’ve confined my research mostly to the herbs I can grow in my garden and herbs and spices I keep in my pantry in their dried forms. Obviously, growing the plants from seeds is the least expensive way to have them around, but this is the kind of thing you can do with dried herbs and ground spices in your cabinet already. I wanted to learn about making my own oils because buying them from other sources is really expensive, and although some of the sources can be trusted for their purity, not all of them can. If you want therapeutic grade oils, making them yourself guarantees that you know what is in them.

I started a few days ago with my plan to make my own essential oils. The instructions I am following came from Aromatherapy At Home’s Guide to Homemade Essential Oils as a guide. The idea originally came from a shopping trip to our local Good Earth I asked one of the sales people about garlic and how it helps strengthen the immune system and help with specific ailments. I had chased my nephews all over my sister-in-law’s house that day and discovered a deep seated lingering cough that my lungs hadn’t yet dealt with, complete with some leftover mucus. I had thought I was all better, but evidently that wasn’t the case. I wondered about the most effective way of getting the garlic into my lungs. I wondered if diffusing it in oil form would help, and told the sales people about the organic garlic in my fridge. They agreed that infusing it into olive oil and diffusing it would probably do what I needed. I set about figuring out how to infuse olive oil with garlic so it would take care of my issues. The garlic oil idea stemmed from The Organic Authority: How to Rapidly Relieve an Earache Using Supplies you Probably Already Have in your Home.

I chopped the cloves from a half a bulb of garlic and put them into a glass jar. I added enough olive oil to cover the chopped garlic and set it in the window sill with the most sunlight in my house. I shook it several times a day and after two days, I felt like the oil was probably pretty sufficiently infused. It smells pretty strongly of garlic. I put a drop under my nose, and everything smells like garlic to me right now. I also went through the same process with the zest of seven lemons and have a lot of that in the diffuser right now. The house generally feels and smells cleaner, and the garlic oil is pretty effectively cutting through my congestion. My daughter woke up with a runny nose, so I put a drop under her nose and around her mouth. I hope it’s cutting her congestion as well. I’m pretty excited about my new experiment. Definitely less expensive than investing in a company’s oils. These are also made so I can add them to food if I want to, as well as on the skin or in the bath.


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