Homemade Disposable Baby Wipes: A New Adventure.

I am running out of store-bought baby wipes. I have come across lots of recipes for making them at home, and I never really wanted to try, mostly because, I figured I use few enough that just buying them was fine. Honestly, up to this point, it has been. We’ve used maybe 6 packages of wipes total since The Bump was born, 11 months ago because we really only use them on poop and she does that once a day most days. Sometimes she goes a day or two in between. Anyway, today, I opted to try one of the homemade wipes recipes, mostly because I just really didn’t want to go to the store. Then The Bump had a poopy diaper, and the wipes turned out to be pretty darned fantastic. This is what I did:

I took a roll of paper towels and cut it in half. I now have two short rolls of paper towels. I pulled the cardboard core out of the middle of one and stuck the paper towels, still rolled together, in a cleaned, gallon sized ice cream tub. I poured 2 cups of water and 1/3 cup of olive oil into a bowl and poured it in the middle of the paper towels in the ice cream tub. I put the lid on and cut an X over the middle and then I pulled the top corner of the first paper towel through the X.

When I tried them, the paper towel separated like a dream and popped through the X with no problem. The olive oil got all the poop off her butt with no problem. The olive oil left my hand pretty greasy, so I wiped it on the insert of the fresh diaper. I left the olive oil on her butt. I think it will probably help keep her rash-free and well moisturized.

4 responses to “Homemade Disposable Baby Wipes: A New Adventure.

  1. Elizabeth Albarez

    Let me know how this goes. I use wipes a million times a day on hands and everything else, but have considered switching. Like I said the other day, my microfiber is dying and I have been moving towards prefolds. I have been debating cutting up the no longer very absorbent microfiber and making wipes with them, but didn’t really want to add to the wash. This is a nifty solutions. On a side note, this is my second paper towel tip this week. My friend Brittany uses the small tear apart size ones as a liner. I’ve never seen the need for liners myself, but she likes them.

    • I love that these help keep moisture away from her butt, but they are much too greasy for hand use, and they don’t dry like the store bought ones. This recipe is great for baby bottoms in diapers, but I wouldn’t use it for much else.

    • I have changed my mind: after using the wipes for the past few weeks, only the first few were greasy. Since then, the wipes have been fantastic for runny noses and messy hands and faces, including mine. They have also been great at helping oust some diaper rash. I know you know this, Elizabeth, but in case anyone else doesn’t, they are NOT antibacterial, so don’t use them as a substitute for washing hands, though they are good for de-stickifying them, especially on the go.

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