A New Educational Leaf

So as I head back into the land that time forgot, I decided I should bone-up on Utah’s homeschooling laws and find out what hoops I needed to jump through to educate my children here. According to the school district where I lived prior to leaving, I had to get permission to homeschool my kids. Shocking, that they would tell me that, given that it’s not actually the case. According to the HSLDA and the UHEA, all I need to do is provide the school board with an affidavit, saying that I will be homeschooling my children for the year and wait for the certificate allowing me to do so, which comes within 30 days. As it turns out, so long as I get this thing notarized and make sure it is delivered, they can’t tell me no. I love it when the law is on my side. That’s not even that big of a hassle.

So further delving into the UHEA site led me to an article on unschooling and being led by the child. Being a Montessori teacher, this kind of philosophy excites me. I had up to this point insisted on a certain amount of math and reading so I could be assured that my kids were at least learning the same things that their public schooled counterparts were, but in Utah, you do not have to have any particular qualifications to homeschool, you do not need approval of your curriculum and you do not have to comply with any testing. I feel like with all of this allowing for so much more freedom, I no longer feel so compelled to push a certain amount of pages in a workbook every day anymore. I think we’ll just see what my kids come up with to do, and so long as it does not involve TV or video games, maybe we’ll go with it. I’m excited at the prospect. In Montessori, though the child chooses his works and how long during work time he works on them, he does not dictate when work time is. Maybe I’ll be more flexible with worktime and what constitutes work now…


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