I have a deep-seated belief in God, and I wanted to take a minute today to thank Him for everything that is going both wrong and right in my life.

A few days ago, I felt like the world was out to get me, but after a day of reflection I feel like the things that aren’t going quite the way I would like are just a prelude to drastic positive change in my life. In short, I’m about to be inspired.

As for everything else, I believe that all of our lives are a product of the choices we have made. I have made some pretty stupid choices, and my personal goal in life is to cultivate a more positive environment. Because this is something I really want, my Heavenly Father has put some things in motion that are about to make pieces of my living situation unbearable. The reason, I believe, is that if things get progressively worse, I’ll do something proactive to change the situation and thereby make my life better. I think it’s the divine version of tough love, and it’s the philosophy by which I pattern my life.

I have 3 fabulous gigs that allow me to make money to support my family. I’m really thankful for them, because I like being able to buy groceries for my kids, and to be able to plan for Christmas. I’m really thankful for the roof over my head. It is possible that I might not have it tomorrow and so I think it’s really important that I appreciate it today and not worry about that eventuality until it appears on the doorstep. I am also thankful for my kids’ health and that neither of them is accident prone. I’m very glad to have all of the basic needs for my family met and I’m thankful to have a positive attitude that allows me to be happy about today and not worry about things that might happen until they do happen.

I believe in a God who has a hand in our lives. I believe that there are eternal laws that we must strive to follow, and when we can’t quite live up to them, Jesus Christ has atoned for our sins, faults and flaws and makes up the difference. I believe that the Holy Ghost gives us spiritual promptings and guides us to do good things and to avoid things that could be to our detriment. I’m so grateful to have the influence of all three of these persons in my life. I’m not sure how I could live without them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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