Part Nine of Many: The Montessori Life: Troubled Kids in Your Classroom

For any number of reasons, you might have troubled kids in a Montessori Classroom. Traditionally, this wouldn’t be a problem if you’re homeschooling, unless you take in foster children and have license from the state you’re living in to school your foster children in your home rather than the local public school, but if you’re teaching in a private school, or you have set up a private school in your home, the chances are that at least one of your students (out of your 30 kid classroom) will have emotional problems or be otherwise “troubled.”

One of the great things about the Montessori Method is that it was originally developed for the “unteachable” (read: the poor, mentally or physically challenged) so there are aspects of Montessori that can reach out to any child. The normalization period is going to be longer for a child who acts out or shuts down but it can happen, and if you are patient and tenacious, it will happen. There are some things you can do to minimize the lean times until the child has reached the same level as the rest of your class.

-Be sure you encourage appropriate behavior and provide reasonable consequences when the child acts out.
-Be patient and treat the child with the same expectations as the rest of the class.

I promise, it will be ok. Just give it time. He will normalize, just like the rest of the children in your class did.

2 responses to “Part Nine of Many: The Montessori Life: Troubled Kids in Your Classroom

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  2. Hi there, I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I am currently interning right now in a 3-6 year old classroom, and we have a handful of those “trouble” kids. It can be very emotionally draining at times, but because I have been studying the Montessori philosophy in depth, I know that a child will eventually normalize-perhaps it will take much longer than the average child, but it will happen. There are a couple of returning kids from last year who were labeled as impossible from the previous teachers. I am complelely shocked that anyone would think that because they behave so well in class. This just shows you how well the Montessori Method works, and when a child is ready, they will unfold right between your eyes! I invite you to check out my blog, although it’s fairly new. Can’t wait to read more posts!

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