Some Thoughts to Consider on Homeschooling

I’ve had an interesting past few weeks. I apologize for disappearing from the world and not writing for awhile. I moved and in the process got sick, so I’m recovering, and in the meantime, I had some thoughts on homeschooling that I felt like I needed to share.

Someone in my new neighborhood asked me if I would be putting my kids into public school, to which I replied that, no, I planned to homeschool them. The immediate response I got was, “What about socialization?”

My thought on public school’s effectiveness in socializing our children is pretty well summed up by Ghandi (I believe): It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a sick society. I don’t think that exposing my kids to the cruelties of other small children benefits them at all, and I think that it probably has the opposite effect. It doesn’t make kids tougher, it demoralizes them and makes them feel weak and small. There are plenty of opportunities to experience those feelings in life, and we don’t need to promote them through the public school system. I have two children, both of whom are terribly bright, and one is tougher than nails. The other is very sensitive and really needs no further prodding to convince him that he isn’t good enough just the way he is. He already feels inadequate and desperately tries to please everyone around him, rather than doing the things he knows will make him happy. There are a number of other places for him to play with other children and find friends. Play groups, homeschooling support groups, extra curricular activities like dance, soccer, basketball, baseball, football, gymnastics, horsebackriding, girl scouts or boy scouts and church groups are just a few of the places that children can find alternative ways of making friends.


3 responses to “Some Thoughts to Consider on Homeschooling

  1. I’m always taken aback by the socialization question. Although I don’t get the question as much as I used to. When the question, “is school out today?” comes up my kids respond with, “we’re homeschooled, we’re never out of school.” That usually gets a chuckle but socialization issues never seem to be funny to the uninformed person asking.

    In 10 years of homeschooling, many spent in support group leadership, I’ve found that socializing of children is rarely something to concern ourselves over. Children find ways to interact with other children. I worry about mommy socialization. Homeschool parents, especially moms don’t always get time to interact with other adults. I always tell new homeschool parents to find a support group, get involved, and stay involved. If not for your kid’s sake then your own.

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