Moving is overwhelming (at least for me)

I’m not sure where to begin packing. And I checked out truck rental and gas mileage on a typical moving truck so I could figure out how much I would have to spend there, and moving myself is probably only going to save me about $800 and I still have the hassle of lugging my patoot across the country. It’s going to end up costing me at least $3000 to move and that’s all by my lonesome in the cab of a truck with three seats, 2 kids and 2 cats. I also plan to sleep at KOAs along the way, which keeps that part at least half as much as if I were staying at a motel 6 (which is the only chain that accepts pets nationwide). And that’s where we sit. So, here is my packing plan: I will pack a little bit at a time. First, I will pack everything but the clothes in my closet, and then I will pack my bedroom and I’ll just work my way through the house until everything is in boxes and hopefully by following this plan, I will have only ripped out half of my hair by the time I’m done. 🙂 *Insert hysterical maniacal laughter here.* I had a roommate who packed psychologically: the first thing she would do is take everything down off the walls so it looked like she had accomplished a lot. Ok, closet baby, here I come.

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