Yellow jackets, hornets or bees, oh my!

So, Raid has always been a staple in my home. My mother is allergic to bees (and the like) so we had to kill any bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets or other bugs that sting in or around our house. I think we used the ant version of Raid too, but not for the same reason. Plus, ant traps seem to be more effective at ousting the whole colony. In any case, yesterday we found a huge hornet nest on the fence in my backyard. Scared the crap out of me. So, this morning, I happen to be in the basement and find a can of Raid wasp & hornet killer, and I am suddenly inspired. I get my flip flops on and walk out into the backyard, trying to avoid the thigh-high grass and it’s accompanying tics (because no one wants to mow a yard with a hornet nest) and stand about 10 feet from the nest. I’m close enough that I can see the bugs crawling around the little compartments and it’s still early enough in the morning that most of them are sleeping. I’m totally expecting a mist to come out of the top of this can, since that is my general experience with bug-spray, and I’m thinking I will have to get really up-close and personal with this hornet colony. To my pleasant surprise, a steady, strong stream of Raid comes out of the can that hit hard enough that it almost knocks the nest off the fence. I’m tempted to keep spraying the nest until it does fall off, but one of the fabulous things about this stuff is that it kills the bugs that return to the nest if they don’t happen to be there when you soak it. If you knock it down, they just build a new nest, and they tend to be mad when they do, so the recommendation on the can is to wait at least 24 hours after you spray before you knock it down. Ousts the vast majority of the colony (including, with any luck, the queen) and you actually stand a chance of losing the icky bugs for the summer.
Tips for use:
Stand like 15-20 feet away from the nest.
Saturate the nest completely. Don’t be stingey.
Don’t get the stuff on your skin or in your eyes. Avoid kids, skunks, squirrels and the family dog too. The poison is awesome, but bear in mind that it’s poison.
Watch the nest for the rest of the day from a safe position so you can enjoy seeing the poisoned bugs flying erratically around your yard. But stay out of the yard.
Yay! Kill the horrible stinging bugs!

2 responses to “Yellow jackets, hornets or bees, oh my!

  1. Our backyard once had a pad of concrete in it that we later took out. First we broke it into chunks, though, and the chunks were in a pile in the yard for quite a while.

    When it finally came time to move the pile, it was naturally swarming with roaches.

    We didn’t have any bug spray, but Ronny from over the fence lent us some carburetor cleaner. Quite effective! =)

  2. Ughhhhhhhhh…
    I spent all summer killing bugs and am now making a conscious effort to not kill anything. Including the dozens of tomato hornworms we find at work. I pile them on the floor while my coworkers think up inventive ways to kill them while avoiding the lime spray that inevitable results from squishing giant green caterpillars.

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