I haven’t killed the rooster yet

But I am getting close to it, since he is really getting on my nerves. I got back from the movies last night and crashed on the couch with the least friendliest dog in the world. It was really his choice. I lay down, and he curled up next to me and then wouldn’t move. He’s little. I’m sure I could have moved him, but not without provoking a barrage of barks which would have woken up the entire house and he might have tried to bite me in the process. I love dogs. From a distance though. I’m a passive dog-lover. When they’re in my face I react the same way I react to pretty much anyone touching my face. I lean as far away as humanly possible and frequently fall over as a direct result. So this unfriendly dog wouldn’t move and I was trapped between a couch back and a tiny warm body that could have awakened at any moment and startled the crap out of me. I miss my cats. They leave you alone, unless they’re out of food.


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