Let go

It’s a rainy day. I find the rain cleansing and soothing, as well as a good excuse to stay indoors and be anti-social. I find myself singing “que sera sera” a lot these days. There are many things happening over which I have no control. I also find myself singing “dangerous” but that’s because it’s been stuck in my head since I heard it on the radio a week ago. I’m fascinated by how completely stupid I can be. It’s like I’m standing at the end of a long tunnel and watching myself do or say something that takes me entirely by surprise. “Did I actually just say that? That was dumb. I should go bury myself in a hole.”
I’m going to kill the rooster next door.
So, back to my que sera sera thoughts: I shall be homeless come the end of this month. I can come back here to my cousin’s house, she says. I’m just not entirely sure how long that will last or how practical that is. Especially since I have to drive back to Utah and then back here if I do that. My car may not last that long. I may go totally bananas.
I might have to kill the rooster next door.
I got my iPod to work with Rhythm box on gnome. That made me happy. 🙂 I don’t like what itunes does to my cpu usage so I’m thrilled not to have to use Windows for really anything anymore. I’m still nervous about dumping it completely, just in case.
Anyone want chicken for dinner? I’m thinking of roasting me some.

One response to “Let go

  1. You know, I would like chicken for dinner…

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