Road Trip Day 3: … something over 300 miles, I have no idea

I woke up wishing I had brought a tent and feeling like all I had done was bend over and grab my ankles. So, I drove from the edge of Illinois through Indiana and into Louisville, Kentucky. We spent a few hours hanging out at Angela’s house and playing Mario galaxy and bowling on the Wii. The kids had an entertaining time with Danger, Angela’s dog. He’s taller than either of them and stronger than both of them put together. He likes licking eyes. He had a great time trying to lick Aiden’s eye while Aiden squirmed and tried to lean back and away. So after lunch and a few pictures, we headed out to Elizabeth’s house. Then roughly 5 miles from her place, I got another flat tire. Another Flat Tire! ANOTHER ONE! You’ve got to be kidding me.

And much as I loved having dinner and spending the night in Indiana with Elizabeth and Morry, I really wanted to leave first thing. Rather than being able to go with that plan, I had to buy a tire and wait, but that’s for Day 4. Enjoy my horrible luck for that day.


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