There is no such word as “Esthetics”

Because it’s been spelled so atrociously for so long, this horrid word has found it’s way into the English dictionary, and a linguist will tell you that it’s beautiful how fluid language is.  A proofreader will have a brain aneurysm upon seeing this word.  It’s not a real word.  The real word is spelled “aesthetics”. Also “Irregardless”, which is an uneducated way of saying “regardless.” Like someone combined the words irrespective and regardless and created a new one. Now, yes this is something we do in the English language, and no it’s not even something that’s unique to it. If we mis-use or misspell a word for long enough, it becomes part of the lexicon. That doesn’t mean that we should all wander around like sycophants to a series of words that currently don’t exist. The linguistic side of me sees the wonderful metamorphosis of the English language and thinks that it’s marvelous. The other side thinks that we shouldn’t purposely be desecrating a language that you can gain a competent understanding for by reading the newspaper. If you hear words and you don’t know what they mean, just look them up. Be aware of when you’re using words that aren’t actually words or when you’re spelling them wrong. It won’t kill you. I promise. When you do this stuff, it makes you sound stupid. People will make that assumption about you. Head it off at the pass. If you’re trying to make a statement, don’t get all offended by the fact that they’re assuming you’re stupid. Act differently if you want to be treated differently. Also, if you’re creating an advertisement, run a quick spell check so people who look at it don’t automatically assume that the company is run by morons.

5 responses to “There is no such word as “Esthetics”

  1. Death to word fuck-uppers!

  2. Also, don’t use “of” when you mean “have”. GRR!

  3. essentiallybritish

    Interestingly, a friend and I were talking about the word aesthetics today, and he said “esthetics” which I quickly commented upon!

  4. YES!!! Irregardless is one of my pet peeves, as is the “of” instead of “have,” and don’t even get me started on “I could care less.”

  5. What “‘of’ instead of ‘have'”?

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