There is a tiny happy face on the right side of my blog.

It’s really small and you’ve probably never noticed it. I only noticed it today, and I’ve been writing this fairly regularly for a few months. It made me happy to see it.

So, because I’ve gotten asked: No, the guy I’m referring to in the post just before this one is not my boyfriend. He’s my friend who was dating one of my other friends.

Also, along with the rest of the random things I’m noticing, I saw that the widget on my linux desktop that tells me the weather and temperature turns from a sun to a moon at the exact time that the sun is scheduled to set in the time zone. We’re pretty far west, so though the sun has gone behind the horizon, it’s not even close to dark yet. The days are getting shorter.

I’m retaining water. I wish I weren’t, but I can’t stop eating savory food. Maybe I’m retaining fat too. Hmmm.

I made a swamp cooler today out of a humidifier in front of a fan. It works fine, so long as the air coming off the fan isn’t a 90 degree breeze. MacGyver I ain’t, as it seems. I desperately need the relaxing cool. I wish the temperature would go down. It’s still 88 outside, and it’s 9:20. Grrr…I wish I weren’t so grumpy when it’s hot. Ugh.

So, there is my randomness. Enjoy. I’m going back to my TV.

2 responses to “There is a tiny happy face on the right side of my blog.

  1. Nice that you have a linux desktop. I got lazy and never did set one up on my latest computer.

  2. brakefortoads

    If you poke around Wordpess you can find the explanation for the little face. Or you can just let it be one of the Mysteries of the Universe.

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