Thus goes everyone into the world but I, and I am sunburnt

I actually am sunburnt. I went to an amusement park yesterday, and the overarching theme of this park is “get everyone sunburnt,” so, I am.

The quote, however, comes from Much Ado about Nothing (which for those of you who don’t read or enjoy culture in any form, is one of Shakespeare’s plays. Read it: it’s hilarious.) And the quote is said by someone watching people in her life get engaged to be married and she’s commenting that she’s not fair-skinned enough to catch a husband herself.

Depending on how you look at it, I’m either very close to catching a husband, or very far away. This fact was brought to my attention as two of my friends got engaged last night to each other. They’re cute. It’s kind of gross.

I’m dating a guy and he and I have been down this road many, many times. I care about him deeply and sometimes I’m a little in love with him, but I’m not experiencing much of the magical “I just want to be near him always” feeling, which I’ve had in the past. I’m glad I’ve had it in the past. And he apparently wants to marry me. Given that i don’t feel “the thing” I have a hard time imagining that he feels “the thing.” And this is my dilemma. He’s not a bad guy, but I can’t put it together in my head that he’s the right guy. It’s distressing. Also, because I fall very quickly in love and I’m usually quite devoted once I’m there. I’ve known him for years, and it’s just not happening.

So all of that is concerning. I’m getting ready for a short road trip next weekend, which is followed by a much much longer one 2 weeks later. I’m excited for both, and I’m happy about both. Hopefully the longer one will help resolve the things that are concerning me, and if not, I’ll at least have the chance to forget about them for a short while.

I got rick rolled at the amusement park, yesterday. It’s something I cheerfully manage to avoid, most of the time. I also got bowled into by a lady who really needs to learn that she’s not quite as skinny as she thinks she is and I saw 4 obese children (actually obese, not with baby fat) in swim suits that didn’t flatter them. I witnessed a man who probably shouldn’t have been a father smack his kid too, and the dude couldn’t understand why his 2-year-old son wasn’t allowed on the huge water slide that they can’t let people go down as doubles. The kid isn’t even 3 feet tall. Everything that’s sad about the world is visible in an amusement park, and no one is ashamed of it. For all of the happy-feel-good fun you’re supposed to feel there, it seems to me to be more a satiric commentary on the state of humanity. Now, if you’ll all excuse me, I’m going back to my box of donuts.


3 responses to “Thus goes everyone into the world but I, and I am sunburnt

  1. Favorite quote I ever heard at an amusement park:

    This is a family park, not a MAKE a family park. (Said to two, young, 15-year-old kids making out in line by one of the ride operators.)

  2. brakefortoads

    How did you get Rick rolled at an amusement park? Unless there are two meanings to the phrase…

  3. They played “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley over the sound system at Lagoon-A-Beach. (Feel free to snicker here.)

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