I’m afraid of dairy that’s not really dairy

As a kid I made a comment about leaving coffeemate out on the table and not knowing how that would effect such a dairy product. My aunt responded with, “That ain’t got nothing to do with dairy.” I’ve been scared of coffeemate ever since along with all other forms of scary dairy. A short list: coffeemate, cheez whiz, whipped cream in a can, margerine, powdered milk, velveeta and the powdered cheese that comes in macaroni packages.

I’ve started making my own ice cream and yogurt and I’ve tried my hand at making cheese too and I believe now that dairy is always better when it’s real and even better when it’s homemade. Mmmm… cheese… Mmmm… Ice cream… oh, french vanilla ice cream… Don’t succumb to the temptation to eat fake dairy food! Eat real dairy! Boycott the fake! Eat real dairy!


2 responses to “I’m afraid of dairy that’s not really dairy

  1. I found some old ice cream in the fridge and had a few scoops. It was a little freezer-burned. Afterwards I left it on the counter too long. I said to myself “Oh, it was old ice cream, and not a whole package, and now it’s been left out. Might as well throw it away.” So I threw it away.

    When I looked in the trash can a week later, you could still see the shapes of the scoops taken out of the top of the ice cream. It had held its shape for a straight week, leading me to suspect that store-bought ice cream is stuffed to the gills with gelatin.

    Fight the machine!

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