The proper care and feeding of skunks

Yeah, I had the same thought: smelly. Apparently skunks belong to the weasel family, they’re a distanct cousin to ferrets and when they’re descented they can make really good pets. Ferrets have to be descented too, so I guess that’s not too weird. Turns out they’re really smart too, so you have to sort of skunk-proof your place with baby-proofing stuff for them to be safe. They eat mostly human food too, so you can feed them raw vegetables and eggs and stuff, but apparently like dogs you have to control how much you feed them or they will just keep eating until they get sick.

I’m all intrigued by this idea of having a pet skunk now, and there’s a part of me that wants one. My cats would flip out, I’m sure. They don’t even like it when other kids come over to visit, let alone having a new animal family member. I love my boys and I respect them too much to put another animal in their territory. Of course, being cats they don’t recognize this at all. Not in the slightest degree shocking.


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