I have no desire to win 12 cases of pepsi

I wish my junk email was as taylor made for me as the ads when I log into facebook or myspace. At least those ads show me stuff that I might be interested in based on the things that are listed in my interests or my location or whatever. I periodically see ads for things I’m even interested in. Dance shoes interest me. Show me ads for dance shoes, because there is a place I would probably spend time and money. I don’t like pepsi. What am I going to do with 12 cases of it? Nothing. I’d water my yard. And then my yard would die. Does spam mail even work? I mean, yeah, maybe the first couple of times you think you might win a free iPod you’ll try, but after that, doesn’t everyone just delete everything that even comes close to looking like that? I’m scared of putting things in the subject boxes of my emails when I find commercials or ads that are funny and I want to share them because I’m afraid my recipients spam filters will just toss them out. I end up putting nothing there. Or if I do put something there, it usually includes phrases like, “this is from Missie, don’t just delete it, you’re a sucky human being if you do.”

It seems to me that as we get more advanced technologically that rather than making our live easier, it just makes them more complicated or busier. Yeah, now I can pay all of my bills online from my phone, but that also means that the people I’m paying expect to see electronic funds transfers or ACH transfers rather than the check that I used to just send in the mail. Or they want my debit card number so they can run it like a credit card and just take my money out of my account automatically every month. It’s stuff like this that makes me scream. What is the point of life and reality if it’s all virtual anyway? I can’t wait for my roadtrip this summer. It’s going to be great holed up in a car for 4 days with no technology to slow me down. Well, except my laptop, my pocket pc phone, my iPod, my satellite radio, my GPS, etc…


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