I’m all talk

Today was actually a relatively mellow day, amazingly. I woke up and wrote and in 2 1/2 hours I wrote 5 articles. We all had breakfast and then I went and sold my blood. When I got back, I wrote another 6 articles. It was the best writing day I’ve ever had so far with this gig. I’m truly a fan. I watched the season finale of NCIS too. I hated it. The writer’s strike threw me all off for remembering to watch my favorite shows since I watch them all online and they weren’t posting any new ones. Now i’m out of sorts with all of them, and that was one of like 4 season finales that I hated.

Twitter is bizerk. I’m bothered that I’m so disconnected from everything.

I learned a very basic way of using Linux today. I’m very nearly convinced that I should convert. The only thing that has me hesitating is that my phone might not work as a modem with a linux distribution. I can’t live without my portable modem. It’s my lifeline when I’m not at home. It’s my social umbilical cord. I’m crazy about my phone. When I’m rich, I’m going to buy a wing (which is the next step up.)

There’s a girl in this episode of friends who looks like Janine Garafalo. So does Juno. I’m incredibly observant.

After writing for ehow for a month, I now have a compulsive need to write more than 250 words in my blog posts. I also no longer put two spaces after my periods. I’m not sure I should really be so sheep-like and get into these habits that are so different from my accustomed actions. I also space with my left thumb instead of my right. Should I switch? I don’t see why, since I’m so used to it now. Touch typing is incredibly useful, btw. Given the opportunity, you should really learn how.


One response to “I’m all talk

  1. Word to your single-spaced periods. Double spacing after periods is for freaking typewriters.

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