Debris in the keyboard

I was recently reminded why it was that I wanted to stay home in the first place. It seems I had forgotten, and my daughter was so kind as to remind me today. My mini-Gigi is just shy of four years old, and she’s a riot. When her brother is around, she barely gets a word in edgewise, but when she and I have some quality alone time, she gets very chatty. Today, she pointed out how good she is at sitting on the potty now, and for about fifteen minutes, listening to her was like hearing a reading of Virginia Woolf. Stream of consciousness cracks me up. We’re sitting outside, sun bathing and it’s pretty windy, so I’m getting bits of sand and other debris kicked up into my keyboard. I wanted to work from home so that I coud be here and witness this. I missed my babies when I was at school all day, even when I was working at the same school they were attending. I never saw them.

More often than not, I am seen as a cynical, hardnosed wench, but the truth is that when it comes to my kids, even I am a softy. They amaze me.


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