3:39 AM

You must be kidding. There is no possible way that at 3:40 AM I am awake, and yet it’s true. I fell asleep about 9:30 with no real provocation, just dozed off. I was in my pajamas and bed, so that made it convenient and the light was off, so it’s not like there was any specific environmental reason to be awakened over an hour ago, but it happened because for some reason, there are people in this world (read:J) who don’t believe that I can’t in fact stay asleep all night long with a monitor running and lit. I can fall asleep under those conditions, and frequently I do because watching movies I know really well helps my brain to shut off so I can sleep, but I can’t stay asleep. A couple of hours later, I’m always awake again and flailing blindly for the remote so I can turn the blue screen of death on the other side of the room to black. The same is true for sitting on my bed with a laptop on while I’m lying there. There is some pretty serious grump coming your way and it is only a matter of when. It’s also helpful that when I wake up and point out that, hey I can’t stay asleep with all of that light and and thinking hard drives noise, it might be the polite thing to do to either turn off the laptops (yes, plural) or move so the screen is at least not facing me anymore. I’m a relatively low-maintenance kind of girl. I don’t ask for much. My basic rule is this: Be considerate. It’s simple. Just be aware of your actions and whether someone might construe them as rude and behave accordingly. Waking me up at 2:30 in the morning and then not doing anything to change the status quo under which you woke me up falls under that category.

He brought me a hot chocolate peace offering. Jackass.

One response to “3:39 AM

  1. I fell asleep in bed in my pyjamas with the light *on.*

    No good, that. If I had hot chocolate, I’d certainly be offering myself some. But I don’t.

    There is, however, chocolate milk in my fridge. But I was going to drink that anyway…

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