I’ve been out in the woods living deliberately

I wish that were true. I’ve been out of it for the past few days though, and I’ve been repressing a deep-seated urge to go hide in a cave. I’m seriously considering it in a few weekends: Thoreau’s essay on Civil Disobedience, Walden and shutting off my cell phone. I really need to get away. I’m even getting annoyed with my tap classes, and I love teaching tap. I just need a break. Hmmm… Break a window? Though, I doubt that would solve my issue. My ideal work situation involves staying at home indefinitely and requires basically no human interaction. I really feel that Thoreau felt the same. Though, I imagine it was easier to cut himself off from the world than it is for us. A cabin in the woods doesn’t have the same amenities we have come to see as necessary in everyday life. I wonder if I could get by with just a cell phone, and no other telecommunications? Probably not, because watching the tv shows I like online requires a highspeed internet connection. So, maybe just internet and a cell phone? And I would need electricity. And because I’m a snob, and have gotten accustomed to cooking on an amazing stove, gas. I wonder if I could generate electricity with my lifecycle… but alas, no batteries with which to store the energy. Solar panels are so expensive. I found some to enable me to live off grid though. That’s right for less than $10k, I could have no utility bills. All I need now is my tractor and my goat, and I’ll be all set to homestead.


One response to “I’ve been out in the woods living deliberately

  1. You’ll need lots of sandpaper, or the dance floor will never be any good.

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