I went dancing last night, which in and of itself is nothing special or spectacular since I go dancing most fridays, but it was a comical night for me, more so than most.  I was tired to the point of my eyes actually threatening to close involuntarily from 10:30 on, so my dancing was quickly deteriorating, and then the strangest things were making me laugh. Allan proudly informed us that Lexi was using him for his dancing, and he was using her to prove that he isn’t gay.  He then promptly outed himself by coming onto Tim and then reverted when he asked Syd if she wanted to turn him back. It was like watching Chasing Amy, but missing Joey Lauren Adams.  THAT was a shared moment. 

From that point on, it was a little like being drunk without any of the worry of driving the porcelain bus or the next day recovery.  When I was dancing I was missing leads all over the place, and tripping over all five of my left feet, and when I was not dancing, I was imitating a hyena. Actually the hyena imitation was pretty constant. 

And of course, the end result of all of this is that the filter turned off.  There was officially nothing keeping me from stating exactly what I was thinking for basically the rest of the night.  We all know how good that is.  Now it is time for me to retreat to the woods to live deliberately because I’ve managed to alienate all of my friends and the end is well nigh.  < shrug >  I’m a homebody anyway.  Given the choice, I would gladly hole up in my house and have everything I could possibly need delivered.  Oh how I wish they had chinese delivery in Utah…


2 responses to “splanky

  1. Hey, you didn’t alienate me… wait– does that mean I’m NOT your friend??

  2. No Chinese delivery in Utah? Come to Portland!

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