Did you ever know that I’m your conscience?

At least, this is what most people seem to think. Is there a sign over my head that says, “please ask me questions to which you already know the answers”?  I wonder sometimes, because you listen to me about as avidly as you listen to your conscience which has already said in large bold print : THIS IS A BAD IDEA, YOU IDIOT.  So people come to me with ethical or moral questions which have incredibly obvious answers, and I wonder why anyone would bother getting an opinion from someone else on a question they themselves have already ignored the answer to from their conscience. 

And then, in a stroke of genius, it came to me: you want permission to do whatever you want, rather than what you should do.  Well, since I’m playing the part of your conscience this evening, No!  You may not have permission to do something immoral or unethical!  Deal with it!  I will not absolve you of your guilt, so if you have some bizarre compulsion to do whatever it is anyway, then go do it and deal with the consequences yourself. It’s people like you who cause the apocalyptic weather we’ve been having.  It should not be snowing in April.

2 responses to “Did you ever know that I’m your conscience?

  1. Hmmm… are there any perks to being a conscience? Or at least dirty tricks you can play on people?

  2. oh yeah. Just being sarcastic during one of these conversations usually does it.

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