Oreo’s, milk, a glass and a fork

Contrary to Billy Crystal’s statement at the end of “When Harry met Sally”, Oreos are the greatest cookies ever created.  My favorite way to partake is to drown the cookie in a glass of milk using a fork, and then fish it out and ingest it as fast as humanly possible to avoid cookie-n-cream drips on the table. I highly recommend trying it. 

A charming trend that someone pointed out to me in high school is how culturally we have a tendency to describe different races as types of food.  A person with dark skin who acts like he’s caucasian gets described as an oreo and someone with light skin who acts otherwise is a yogurt covered raisin, etc.  It’s both degrading and a way to assimilate understanding of a stereotype.  I do it because I’m Italian, and food is how I connect with the world.  I’m a glass of milk, with vanilla wafers.

I mentioned today on twitter that I was chowing down on some oreos, and one of the twitterati said she would like some.  I responded by asking if anyone had ever sent a cookie via email, and she mentioned that I could be the first to try.  I’m sure that I’m not.

One response to “Oreo’s, milk, a glass and a fork

  1. HEY! that was me!! :p

    and still no cookie…

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