Be bold when boldness is called for

Just outside of Sacramento, on I-80 there is a 76 station and this guy works there who is freaking hot.  No, he’s not just hot.  We stopped during a road trip to pick up energy drinks for the drive back to Utah, and as we were shopping for our fodder, we got an exceptional amount of help from this young man.  I was just going to get a fresca, but when we couldn’t find one, he pointed out an energy drink that has a similar taste and started listing it’s attributes.  By the way, I love Xyience.  And I love this guy. 

So, I told this guy that if I knew him better I would have kissed him.  Frankly, I should have kissed him anyway.  My chicken-liver is the only reason I didn’t.  Well, that and the drink I already had opened in my hand.  It was stupid not to, since I would never see the guy again, and I really wish now that I had.   I sincerely hope that guy reads this some day, and realizes just how much I wanted to kiss him.  And then if he twittered me, and we fell in love…  It would be a great fairytale for the digital-age.  The moral of the story is that we all should be bold when boldness is called for, and I really hope that the next time boldness is called for I’m able to set down my xyience and rise to the occasion. 

One response to “Be bold when boldness is called for

  1. brakefortoads

    Craigslist- MISSED CONNECTIONS. Sometimes people actually find each other on there- it’s worth a try!

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