Apples make a tasty treat

apples.jpgI recently discovered a delightful taste sensation that makes me so happy my tongue is tripping for joy.  My fingers are tripping too, but I believe it has little to do with how enamoured my tongue is on this little dish: cut up apples cooked in caramel and cinnamon with whipped cream.  What makes this snack even better is that it is incredibly easy to make.  The only downside is that the caramel is somewhat time consuming.  The upside is that making this once, makes about 4 snack episodes.

1. Submerge 1 14oz can of sweetened condensed milk (not evaporated) in boiling pot for 45 or so minutes.  Open can.

2. Pour caramel goodness into frying pan with 2 chopped apples and sprinkle cinnamon to taste.  Cook on medium heat for 5 minutes, or until apples are soft. 

3.  Serve hot or refrigerated with whipped cream.

 This little dish is like apple cobbler without the topping or apple pie without the crust.  You get all of the delectability without any of the hassle of using your oven, or making a pie crust with all of that associated grumbling.  As the pigeon says, it is a taste sensation. 

Tasty and delicious
You can make so many dishes
They’re a colorful delight
As you eat up every bite

3 responses to “Apples make a tasty treat

  1. This is the cutest blog I have ever read and I will DEFINITELY cook this.

  2. I just read in another blog a recipe where they boiled the condensed milk for THREE AND A HALF HOURS!

  3. Yeah, I’ve read a bunch of recipes for it, but my experience says that length of time is not necessary. You play with it and see what happens.

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